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Supporting the computing needs for all

The Blugold Center for High Performance Computing (HPC) supports undergraduate research, faculty research, and classroom learning by providing the supercomputing infrastructure necessary to make new discoveries and opportunities possible. No longer are researchers limited to what their computers can handle, ultimately becoming stuck on waiting for their mathematical equations, data analysis, or simulations to finish. By integrating supercomputers into their work, researchers can now take advantage of the support for parallelization through using multiple cores and machines, high memory and storage, and the "submit and forget" nature of a job scheduling system.

We support a wide variety of fields on campus and are always looking for new ways to collaborate with and support our students and faculty. 

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    Read about the many different research projects that have utilized high performance computing to solve big and complex problems.

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    Sudeep Bhattacharyay in computational chemistry class

    Classroom Projects

    Our computing resources aren't just for research projects. Check out how different classes have integrated high performance computing into their work.

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    The Front cover art for a UWEC student-authored manuscript: "Pre-Existing Oxidative Stress Creates a Docking-Ready", published in ACS Bio & Med Chem Au.


    Submitting their findings in a variety of different publications, our research students and faculty are always on the hunt for new discoveries.

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