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Are we up and running?

This page shows the current status of our clusters' services along with upcoming maintenance periods. Please note that all URLs / links require being logged into the UWEC network to access them.

Overall Clusters:

BOSE ( Online
BGSC ( Online

Web Services:

Grafana (BOSE) ( Online
Grafana (BGSC) ( Online
HPC Wiki ( Online
OnDemand ( Online
MedeA ( Online
WebMO ( Online

Upcoming Maintenance Periods

To keep our systems up to date for both security and feature enhancements, all of our systems undergo a scheduled maintenance period two-three times a year at times we have indicated as having the least impact to our users. Note that these dates are subject to change and a 30 day notice will be emailed to all active users.

Week of Jan 3rd: BGSC, WebMO (Complete)
Week of Jan 30th: BOSE, OnDemand (Complete)
Week of Aug 28th: BOSE, OnDemand (Complete)
Week of Sep 4th: BGSC, WebMO (Complete)
December 5th: BOSE, OnDemand (Complete) - Hardware Install
Week of Dec 25th: BOSE, OnDemand (Canceled)

Week of May 20th: BOSE, OnDemand
Week of May 27th: BGSC, WebMO
Week of August 26th: BOSE, OnDemand
Week of August 26th: BGSC, WebMO
Week of Dec 23rd: BOSE, OnDemand

Cluster Statistics

Below are the real-time statistics of our two clusters. Please note that you must be on campus or using the UWEC VPN to see these.