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Blugold Center for High Performance Computing Team

The Blugold Center for High Performance Computing department was born from an active collaboration between Learning and Technology Services and the academic faculty from the College of Arts and Sciences. 

Blugold Center for High Performance Computing Staff

Handling the day-to-day operations and other technical aspects of the supercomputing clusters on campus is our Blugold Center for High Performance Computing staff. Housed under the Learning + Technology Services department, they are responsible for the majority of tasks, such as:

  • Maintaining and monitoring our two supercomputing clusters: BGSC and BOSE
  • Teaching students and faculty on how to incorporate supercomputing into their research or class projects
  • Working with researchers to ensure necessary software is installed and made available
  • Troubleshooting and supporting users when challenges arise with computing projects
  • Planning out and implementing infrastructure changes to improve the experience of all users
  • Jack Hagen
    Jack Hagen

    HPC Student Admin

  • Somin Lee
    Somin Lee

    HPC Student Admin

Faculty Coordinators

Advocating for the academic side of High-Performance Computing is our four dedicated Faculty Coordinators. Their role is to continuously provide their expertise and feedback and ensure that supercomputing continues to be an open and available resource for everyone in the campus community. Examples of their work include:

  • Meeting weekly with HPC staff to provide input on the direction of High-Performance Computing at UW-Eau Claire
  • Developing user policies to ensure fair and equitable access to computing resources by all parties
  • Coordinating with other departments and outside entities on summer outreach projects
  • Writing and submitting grants to obtain new resources and continue our mission of making computing available to all students, faculty, and staff