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We're known for amazing learning opportunities, and the Blugold Center for High Performance Computing definitely fits that category. With the chance to do research, gain internship experience, and work on projects in the classroom, you'll be amazed to see what you're capable of. 

Students working with the cluster


Six departments involved means various research projects being conducted. Ranging from processes in the solar system to supercoiled DNA, our Blugolds are doing it all.

See what they're doing
Three Biophysical Chemistry (CHEM 406) students presenting on their group project that utilized the BOSE supercomputing cluster.

Classroom Projects

Every student should have access to the high performance technology the cluster brings—so we’ve added it into our curriculum. You can work on projects to gain research skills and build on the interests you have.

See what they're doing
Research student assisting with one of our summer workshops for high school students.

Summer Workshops

The opportunities don't end just because the school year has. We've been able to introduce how HPC impacts science to a greater audience through our involvement in various summer programs.

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